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If you know of any other high quality conferences focusing on EM, Critical Care, Medical Education, Bioethics, or Social Media in Medicine taking place anywhere in the world please submit its info in the comment box at bottom and I’ll add it to the list…

The Thumbs_up_smiley indicates conferences with a particularly strong FOAM component. There is more to it than just maintaining a hashtag. Click on the Thumbs_up_smiley for a summary of all the extra features these meetings have to offer.

Meetings whose dates have passed have been transferred to the Conference Archive.

Conference Dates City Hashtag Twitter Handle Focus Submission Deadline (instructions)
Resuscitation 2014 Thumbs_up_smiley 3/28-31/2014 Las Vegas, NV, USA #Resus14 @Center4Resus EM+CC+SoMe
ACMT-Ann. Scientific Mtg 3/28-30/2014 Phoenix, AZ, USA #ACMT2014 @ACMT Medical Toxicology Passed
AIUM Annual Convention 3/28-4/2/2014 Las Vegas, NV, USA #AIUM14 @AIUM_Ultrasound Medical Sonography Passed
EM Council Of Residency Directors (CORD-EM) 3/30-4/2/2014 New Orleans, LA, USA #CORDAA14 @CORD_EM EM Education, EM Passed
Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference 3/30-4/2/2014 Austin, TX, USA #CCTMC14 @CCTMC14 Transport, CC
Annual Maryland ACEP Meeting 4/10/2014 Baltimore, MD, USA #MDACEP14 @DocBond007 EM, Policy
Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine Conference 4/12-13/2014 Philadelphia, PA, USA #PhillyWildMed @PhillyWildMed Wilderness Med, Students
Castlefest 2014 4/21-24/2014 Versailles, KY, USA Undefined None EM POC Ultrasound
Critical Care Symposium 4/24-25/2014 Manchester, UK Undefined None CC
CCME 2014 and The Ottawa Conference 2014 - Including pre-conference Social Media Bootcamp!(April 25th)Thumbs_up_smiley 4/25, 26-29/2014 Ottawa, ON, CA #CCME14 EnglishFrench@MedEdConference MedEd, Assessment Ottawa: Deadlines PassedCCME Associated Symposia and Other CCME Deadlines: Passed
Int’l EM Teaching Course Thumbs_up_smiley 4/28-5/2/2014 Baltimore, MD, USA #ITCapr14 None EM/CC Education
TAPNA 2014 4/30-5/3/2014 Newcastle, NSW, AU Undefined None Tox and Poisons Australasia 3/21/2014
Spring Conference, Society for Acute Medicine (SAMsterDAM) 5/1-2/2014 Amsterdam, NL Undefined None Acute Care, CC Oral/Posters: Passed
North York Gen. – Emergency Medicine Update Thumbs_up_smiley 5/6-7,8-10/2014 Toronto, ON, CA #EMU2014 @EM_Update EM+CC -
7th Annual Critical Care Ultrasound Symposium Thumbs_up_smiley 5/10-11/2014 Montreal, QC, CA Undefined @PulmCCM CC+Ultrasound -
SAEM 2014 5/13-17/2014 Dallas, TX, USA Undefined @SAEMOnline EM, CC, MedEd Abstracts: PassedAwards Nominations: PassedInnovations: PassedDidactics: Passed
ACEP-Leadership and Advocacy 5/18-21/2014 Washington, DC, USA Undefined @ACEPmtgs EM Health Policy NY ACEP Resident/Young Physician Advocacy Award nominations: Passed
The Nat’l Conference on Wilderness Medicine 5/28-6/1/2014 Santa Fe, NM, USA Undefined @WildernessMx Wilderness Medicine
CAEP Annual Conference 5/30-6/4/2014 Ottawa, ON, Canada #CAEP14 @CAEP2014 EM, CC, MedEd Abstracts: Passed
Int’l Conference on EM 2014 (ICEM) 6/11-14/2014 Hong Kong ?#ICEM2014 None EM, CC Abstracts: Passed
2014 NY ACEP Scientific Assembly July 7-9, 2014 Bolton Landing, NY, US Undefined None EM, Policy Abstracts: April 1, 23:55 ET
Wilderness Medical Society 8/1-6/2014 Jackson Hole, WY, USA Undefined @WildMedSociety Mountain/Wilderness Med
Emergency Tasmania 8/8-10/2014 Cradle Mountain, Tasmania Undefined None EM May 6, 2014
American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) 10/16-19/2014 San Diego, CA, USA Undefined None Bioethics, Humanities Call for Proposals:Passed
ICRE 2013 + SoMe MedEd Summit (10/22)Thumbs_up_smiley 10/22, 23-25/2014 Toronto, ON, CA #ICRE2014 @RC_ICRE_CIFR GME, Social Media Call for Conference Workshops: PassedAbstracts: PassedAwards Nominations: April 4, 2014
2014 AAMC Annual Meeting 11/7-12/2014 Chicago, IL, USA Undefined @AAMCannual Med Ed Not posted (as of 12/2013)
2014 ACEM Annual Scientific Meeting Thumbs_up_smiley 12/7-11/2014 Melbourne, AU Undefined @ACEMonline EM, CC, Rural Med Not posted (as of 12/2013)
Conference Dates City Hashtag Twitter Handle Focus Submission Deadline