#ACEP13 Day 1 – October 14, 2013!


ACEP Day 1 on Twitter by the numbers (24 hour period):

648 participants
2942 items
3.4 million impressions
Full data/transcripts available from Symplur at: http://bit.ly/15EwfbI


Stuff I’ve learned: 


But seriously.  See a full list of the most interesting tweets, sorted into categories, here:  https://storify.com/EMIMDoc/acep13-day-1-october-14th-2013


  • Critical Care
  • Peds EM
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Ortho/Trauma
  • Toxicology
  • Palliative Care
  • Policy and Practice
  • Optho/Eye Exam (great photos!)
  • International EM


Some tidbits (many of the posts have links and lit references):

  • There’s a new, FREE, ACEP eFAST app for iPad
  • Bougie for Cric is (maybe) becoming mainstream
  • A great comparison table between central and peripheral nystagmus (HiNTS anybody?)
  • Posterior STEMI’s are scary
  • Lead aVR deserves more respect
  • Need to know Wellen’s
  • Intralipid may be useful for fat soluble OD’s like Bupivacaine, beta blockers, TCA’s. Works fast!  Data is still not definitive.
  • There is something called “The Disimpactor”.  And looks like it does what it says.
  • Lots of great Palliative pointers, including the Seattle Heart Failure prognostication app (by Epocrates) – haven’t check it out yet.
  •  The new ACEP President Elect is Dr. Mike Gerardi
  • ACEP Council is reconsidering the tPA clinical guidelines
  • Starting FY2016, blood culture before antibiotics for CAP will no longer be measured!
  • ACEP joined Choosing Wisely (5 bullet-points)
  • Council resolves that Bedside Sono is a diagnostic test, not part of the physical exam.
  • There’s an optical iPhone adaptor that will turn your phone into a video-laryngoscopy device (see photo on Storify)
  • AFEM and EuFEM are well represented!


If that’s not enough, Bodymender has posted a Storified summary here:

And finally, from the archives of others: 

Wisdom from ACEP 2006, by Gruntdoc: http://gruntdoc.com/2006/04/acep-day-1-lessons-learned.html#sthash.9k9W7MGD.dpbs

And reflections from ACEP 2009 by White Coat’s Call Room, on EP Monthly: http://www.epmonthly.com/whitecoat/2009/10/acep-scientific-assembly-day-1/



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